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Home Gardens

Posted on 15 January, 2013 at 11:26
I stumbled across some images of "Victory Gardens" during WWI and WWII the other day and was really fascinated by the propoganda put out there to encourage people to grow their own gardens.  There are images of roof top gardens, window sill gardens, and your traditional backyard garden being grown during such a challenging time in our country.  I find it amusing as our society expands and our waste is exponential, that we push organic purchases over growing our own.  As a former teacher who was fortunate to be at a school with a sponsored "REAL School Garden" I was able to teach my students where the simplest of things come from like potatoes.Which by the way, I can tell you half of my 3rd graders didn't believe me when I said potatoes make french fries AND almost all of them thought I was crazy when our science lesson for the day was digging in the dirt to harvest our vegetables.
Now, I don't have a major garden.  I have a few items worked into my regular beds, but I really want to start a more significant one and think that will be my project for this spring.  I am still bothered though that this isn't being pushed more...when it was once, and now we are almost a lost culture of farmers.  Hmm, do you have a garden? What tips and tricks can you offer? If you don't, why not?  Is it a time thing or experience thing?
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